Tip 11
Meetings tend to be formal, even stiff from some viewpoints. Agendas are produced and followed methodically.
Tip 12
Punctuality is of critical importance. Do not be late for meetings, it reflects poorly on your professionalism.
Tip 13
In meetings, speak about those areas which are pertinent to your functional expertise - don't wander into areas which are 'grey' to you.
Tip 14
People are expected to be well prepared for meetings. Do not turn up and hope to be able to 'get by'. Lack of pre-planning can reflect badly on you.
Tip 15
Direct communication is expected and respected. Plain speaking is essential if the correct answer is to be found.
Tip 16
Direct communication should not be confused with rudeness or aggression. Confrontation and direct debate are different beasts.
Tip 17
Teams consist of a group of individuals who expect to be allocated tasks and then left alone to get on with them.
Tip 18
The Swiss tend to be multi-lingual and are often at ease in meetings in three or four languages.
Tip 19
Business and private are not interchangeable. Meetings rarely begin with personal small talk and it can take time to create a close relationship with key Swiss contacts.
Tip 20
Food is important, so it is not always a good idea to talk business at mealtimes - be guided by your hosts on this.