Tip 1
Guanxi, or personal relationships are of vital importance when doing business in China. Do not underestimate the importance of the relationship building process.
Tip 2
People are comfortable building relationships with honourable people who show respect to those to whom respect is due.
Tip 3
As all relationships are unequal it is important, if you wish to appear honourable, to show respect to age, seniority and educational background.
Tip 4
Managers tend to be directive, which reflects basic Confucian concepts of the hierarchical nature of society.
Tip 5
In return for loyalty, the boss is expected to show consideration and interest in all aspects of a subordinates' life.
Tip 6
There are often close relationships between senior management of a company and local party officials.
Tip 7
It is important that you do not make people 'lose face' in front of their group. Always respect seniority and do not openly disagree with people.
Tip 8
Do as many favours for people as possible - debts must always be repaid.
Tip 9
Business cards should be formally exchanged at the beginning of meetings. Treat the business card with great respect, as the card is the man.
Tip 10
Meetings are often long and seemingly without clear objectives. Very often the meeting is an exercise in relationship-building and the aim of the meeting is to move the relationship, rather than any specific business task, forward.