Tip 11
It can take several, very long meetings before any tangible progress is made. Patience is essential if you wish to capitalise on the situation.
Tip 12
The Chinese are very interested in long-term commitment. Build long-term goals and objectives into your proposals.
Tip 13
Do not be too direct. Strive for diplomacy, consensus and harmony. Remember that this takes time to achieve.
Tip 14
Do not assume comprehension. It is often useful to go over the same point several times from different angles in order to aid comprehension.
Tip 15
It is difficult for the Chinese to say 'no' directly. Anything other than a direct 'yes' could mean 'no'. Be circumspect and reflect on seeming agreements reached. Has an agreement actually been reached?
Tip 16
It is difficult to read body language as, by western standards, it is somewhat muted in China. Be very alive to any changes of posture, animation etc.
Tip 17
Gift giving is an everyday part of Chinese business culture. Giving and receiving gifts helps to cement relationships. Take gifts with you when visiting and put some thought and effort into the gift selection process.
Tip 18
Always wrap gifts before giving them. Gifts are rarely opened in front of the giver.
Tip 19
The Chinese are an intensely patriotic race. Do not make disparaging remarks about China, the political situation, human rights etc.
Tip 20
Entertaining is very important in the relationship building process. If entertaining, do it well. If being entertained at a banquet, take you lead from your hosts - they will enjoy taking you through the process.