Chinese Dress Code


One of the most visible changes to the human landscape of China over the past few decades has been the change in dress code.

Gone is the standard unisex Mao jacket and trousers in blue or green and these have been replaced by a much more western style of dress - especially in the commercial and urban areas. Many men now wear suits and ties and women tend to wear skirts and blouses of a modest cut.It is advisable to have smart business attire with you when visiting.

Appearance is important within Chinese business circles.  Successful people are expected to look successful.  Wealth is admired, so wear good quality clothes, watches etc. if you want to impress - but don't be overly ostentatious.

Be aware of the vagaries of the Chinese climate, which veer from sub-tropical to freezing and dress appropriately for the weather conditions.  Make sure you check the weather conditions before you travel and check the climatic zone of the city you are visiting - China is a big place.