Belgium in Figures
Land Area 30,520 sq km
Population: 10.6m
Population density: 337 sq km
Life expectancy: Men 78 yrs
Women 83 yrs
Adult literacy: 99%
Average per household 2.4
Divorces per1,000 : 3
The Economy
Currency: Euro
GDP: US$ 471 bn
GDP per heads: US$ 43,670
Employment (% of total): Agriculture 1%
Industry 22%
Services 78%
Unemployed 8%
Main Exports:Type: Chemicals
Transport equipment
Food,drink and tobacco
Raw materials
Destinations: (% total) Germany 20%
France 18%
Netherlands 12%
UK 7%
EU27 76%
Main Imports:Type:

Transport equipment
Food,drink and tobacco
Raw materials

Main countries of origin: Netherlands 18%
Germany 17%
France 12%
UK 6%
EU27 71%

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