Argentine Management Style


Position, dignity, personal style -  these are all key factors in Argentine management approach. It is important that the boss acts like a boss and does not try too hard to be seen as 'just one of the guys'. This does not mean that the interpersonal relationship between a manager and his subordinates is not of critical importance – it merely reflects that in such a hierarchical culture, managers are to be respected and obeyed.

In fact the close bonds between manager and subordinate will often run deep but can be more easily compared to the parent-child relationship than the best friend's relationship. Managers expect to be shown respect at all times, in return for which they offer help, protection and future prospects.

As Argentine managers will often manage through direct instructions, it is important that you give precise, clear instructions when asking for tasks to be performed. Try not to leave any vagueness in your requests as this could lead to confusion or even a lack of respect for your management credentials.